Helping Pets Look and Feel Their Best

Does your pet need a makeover? Is excessive shedding or matted fur an issue? If so, bring them to Bayshore Grooming Salon for a session with Bianna, our highly skilled, professional pet stylist. Bayshore Grooming Salon is conveniently located right in our hospital in Holmdel, allowing you to have more than one of your pet’s needs met in the same visit. Bianna brings years of experience and a reputation for creating a calm, positive, environment for pets. Her pet clients benefit from her customized service, and leave feeling happy and looking great.

The Salon is open 7 days a week, by appointment. Scheduling takes into consideration breed, age, size, temperament, overall health, and complexity of cut, allowing each pet to experience grooming within their own comfort zone.

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Whether your pet has a need for a simple bath or a full makeover, our full-service grooming salon is equipped to meet it. The following is a list of grooming services that Bianna provides at Bayshore Grooming Salon:

Medical Benefits of Pet Grooming

Our pet grooming salon represents much more than just a cute cut. Each grooming visit begins with a nose-to-tail inspection by Bianna, which offers an additional opportunity for health problems to be identified, such as:

While your pet is here for grooming, any potential problems identified are reported to our veterinarians for further evaluation. Working in tandem, our groomer and medical staff are able to offer your pet a level of care that’s geared towards giving them healthier, happier lives!

Schedule Your Pet's Makeover

If you’d like for your pet to get pampered at Bayshore Grooming, located at Bayshore Veterinary Hospital, or if you have any questions about our pet grooming services, call (732) 344-6101. Bianna looks forward to seeing you and making your pet look, feel, and smell better than ever!

Enjoy $10 off your first Salon visit for Bath and Grooming Service.

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